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"A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges."
Benny Green

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Phil Baldino playing clarinet


Phil is by far the best music instuctor my family has ever had....Phil has the right combination of toughness and accountability, and concern and caring for his students....fun and challenging...great mentor.... My family just can't say enough good things about Phil. Lisa


My daughter has been studying with Phil on the alto saxophone for more than 6 years, and she has received numerous musical awards which include First Place in the Oregon State Solo Competition for 2006 and 2007. Phil's expertise and ability to motivate my daughter enabled her to become what she is today-- a successful young musician! ... She will be attending Stanford University next fall; but we will still be seeing Phil, as our other daughter is currently studying clarinet with him. Phil has our highest recommendation as a woodwind instructor. David and Helen


Phil Baldino with clarinet


Phil Baldino was my first clarinet teacher, and he always made lessons fun for me with his warm personality and his love for the music... Thanks to Mr. Baldino, I had a firm foundation from which to pursue my further studies in clarinet performance, eventually going on to receive my doctorate degree from UCLA. Chelsea


... Without his dedication and skills as a teacher I feel sure that I never would have achieved the distinctions at festivals and competitions that I attained, let alone been accepted into the undergraduate program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. But, just as important was the great appreciation for the beauty of the clarinet that Phil instilled in me, as well as the lasting impression I received from him that music is absolutely worth pursuing and keeping in my life, no matter if I were to make a career of it or not.... Vanessa



I have worked with Mr. Baldino... an extremely good and experienced musician....He fits in chamber music as well as in big ensembles and is a sharpwitted, very fast comprehending, wonderful person and colleague with whom to make music is sheer joy. Stephan Minde, Music Director, Musical Theatre Portland


I am familiar with the playing of Philip M. Baldino as an extra musician with the Oregon Symphony. He has at all times acquitted himself with professionalism and has consistently contributed artistically to each performance. James DePreist


I am very happy to recommend Phil Baldino... Our association goes back to 1968 when I first came to Portland so I can confidently endorse him as a serious and sensitive musician and a person of fine character. Plus all that he happens to be one of the nicest guys I know. Norman Leyden